There's Not Enough Time

How many times have you told yourself that there isn’t enough time? It is a thought that runs on a constant loop in my mind. It leads to me feel frazzled, harried and overwhelmed. I am admittedly not very productive when I come from that place. I’m also not very happy. So, what gives? Why do I stay on that crazy-making train? The thought that there isn’t enough time is just a thought. But, when we think a thought over and over and over we believe it. So, I am (and I bet many of you are too) operating off the believe that there just isn’t enough time. Dr. Brene Brown is a shame and vulnerability researcher out of the University of Houston and someone I admire greatly. She has this to say abo

Why Are We So Cruel to Ourselves?

When toddlers play together it is a no holds barred fun fest. It doesn’t matter who is there, kids will walk right up to one another and ask to play. Sure there is the piece about not really understanding how to share and the ensuing tantrums. But, in general there is no worry about whether the other kids will like us, whether my Hee Haw overalls will become the object for harassment (true story!) or whether we are cool enough to play in the tanbark together. But then the dynamic changes. As we grow we learn. There is a lot to navigate within the playground/social structure. Our peers will let us know what is cool, geeky, what gets you the silent treatment or leads to banishment from the gro

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