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I'm Jen Sherwood. I help women recognize the BS of their inner critic that makes them feel stuck and not good enough. Together we ditch people pleasing and living up to other people's expectations, embrace imperfection and create a life of joy and freedom on their terms.

Is your curiosity piqued? Let's connect! I offer a free strategy session where we can examine what isn't working for you right now and I will help you identify one thing that you can shift right now.

30-Second Morning Rituals to Shift from Cranky to Content

Do you want to start your day from a better place, but don't have time for you in the morning? I've got just the ticket!

"Jen's fun loving, funny, intuitive, accepting, radiant, no-BS wisdom & coaching is priceless"

-Jennifer Zetzman, Wisconsin

I am Jen, a certified coach, writer and speaker. I am also the mother of two girls and spent way too much time trying to live up to unrealistic expectations. Today looks very different. I am no longer driven by perfectionist tendencies, my to-do list or trying to be superwoman. Now I try to live by my definition of what being a wife, mom, business owner, friend, or sister looks like. I follow the joy in my life. Is it perfect? No way, but it is so much better. I want that for you too.


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