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How Do You Want to Feel

Supermom. You’ve heard of her. She runs board rooms, organizes the highest grossing PTA fundraiser, whips up lavish meals nightly-that her children never balk at, and her kids have slept through the night since day one. Clean up vomit during the middle of the night? I don’t know what you’re talking about! She is manicured, waxed, coiffed, and her ass looks great in her yoga pants. Oh yeah and after she brings home the bacon she never, never, never let’s you forget you’re a man. WTH?!

Ok, so you might not buy into that entire picture. But, for many moms some of that drivel seeps into our subconscious and when we can’t live up to it we feel like crap. Motherhood is billed as rainbows and fairy tales, the most joyous event in a woman’s life. And there’s no denying that there is real, feel it in your bones, joy from having children. But, there are a whole other host of emotions that most moms don’t want to talk about. We don’t want to admit that at times we feel inadequate, ashamed, that we think there is something wrong with our parenting skills or our kids if the little buggers aren’t doing what everyone else is doing; or they are stubborn or they have special needs.


While pride, joy, and love like you’ve never known before are a huge part of motherhood so is shame, guilt, fear, and comparison. This is the side of motherhood that isn’t readily talked about on Facebook, except in a quip meme form.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


You get to decide what to buy into, what to believe.


You can choose what feels like a hell yes or decide you want to hold a boundary


You don't have to live up to unrealistic expectations.


You can define motherhood on your own terms.


I’m on a mission to help you define motherhood on your terms in a way that let's you be your best self while maintaining a sense of sanity and fun.  


But, how you might ask? Where do I start? Join me for an in-person exploration of how you want to feel as a mom, as a woman.


An intimate group of women will gather on Sunday May 15th for a two-hour workshop. We will use a combination of exercises, journaling and visioning to explore how you want to experience motherhood.  


You will walk away with:



1. Clarity about what really matters to you so you can stop worrying about what other people think and feel grounded in your decisions.

2. What to prioritize and what to dropkick so you can stop wasting time on things that aren't adding to your life and free up time to do what matters to you and your family.

3. A vision board that captures how you want to feel and serve as a reminder when you get off course.


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